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It's almost 2023, and we’re looking forward to meeting up with many of you at IPC APEX EXPO 2023. There’s a lot of excitement around this show, and the event is shaping up to match expectations. This year, IPC APEX EXPO has 373 exhibitors signed up, and more classes—with better content—in the Professional Development and Technical Conference sections than we can remember. So, in this month’s issue of PCB007 Magazine, we bring you a preview of IPC APEX EXPO 2023.

This month, we bring you articles and interviews with show organizers, committee leaders, and instructors. We even have one article designed to help you justify to your manager why you need to attend this show.

And once you’re on the show floor, stop by and chat with us. We’ll be manning our state-of-the-art I-Connect007 booth throughout the week. Editors and guest editors will be conducting scores of Real Time with… I-Connect007 video interviews with the industry’s top engineers, managers, and executives.

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, and hope to see you in San Diego next month. Have a Happy New Year!

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Suggested Items

John W. Mitchell: Fire Your Hiring Habits

03/23/2023 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
On the Wednesday of IPC APEX EXPO week, IPC President and CEO Dr. John W. Mitchell stylishly delivered his keynote address, “Fire Your Hiring Habits!” to a packed ballroom full of round tables all immaculately laid for a sit-down lunch. Announced by IPC Hall-of-Famer Joe O’Neil with a Rolling Stones track in the background, Mitchell’s presentation, subtitled “Finding and keeping the best talent is fundamental to building electronics better,” offered relevant and valuable guidance on understanding human nature and how this knowledge can help you find and keep the right individuals for your organisation.

Advancing in a New Era

03/22/2023 | John W. Mitchell, IPC
What goes down must also come up. This is not the idiom we’re used to hearing, but I’d like to apply it to IPC APEX EXPO 2023. After a few years of lower attendance numbers due to the COVID pandemic, 2023 ushered in a re-invigorated group of attendees, exhibitors, speakers, event contractors, and staff to the show floor and meeting rooms. IPC APEX EXPO 2023 was fueled by the possibilities of new advances in electronics manufacturing.

A Promising Future for Automation

03/21/2023 | Christopher Bonsell, Chemcut
This year, I had the great opportunity to come to IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego as a contributing member in Chemcut’s booth. Being an exhibitor is always interesting because you never know what you will learn or who you will meet. Truly, it seems that every IPC APEX EXPO is an eye-opening experience. This was the second show I attended, and last year I was amazed to see how in-depth and interconnected the electronics industry is. Seeing how many different companies contribute to manufacturing today’s core technology never fails to impress me.

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