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When logging in to a popular social media account, the first thing you get asked is: What’s on your mind? It’s such a great question because it’s so open-ended. There’s no judgment, no general direction, no expectation. We just get to share what we’re thinking about.

Well, we’re three months into 2023, and wrapping up our first quarter. So, as a PCB fabricator, what’s on your mind? Is it time to assess, and perhaps reassess, your expectations for the year and whether your reality is meeting your predictions? What are you hopeful about? What’s making you nervous? What are the opportunities and the obstacles to your business right now?

Several trends and challenges seem to be prevalent today: reshoring, high reliability, increased capacity, staffing, new capabilities, and the CHIPS Act. As you’ll see in the March 2023 issue of PCB007 Magazine, we touch on all those topics, as well as a few surprises.

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