Altium Updates its PCB Design Data Management Tool

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Altium Limited has released a major update to their enterprise PCB design data management solution: Altium Vault. This new update includes a number of new features to improve the automation and management of design data, with updates to every major feature category including component management, data management, project collaboration, and infrastructure management. Altium Vault 2.5 is available now to all Altium Vault Subscription customers.

“We’ve taken the opportunity in this newest Altium Vault update to carefully identify and optimize those tasks that we found our customers utilizing on a daily basis,” said Nikolay Ponomarenko, product manager at Altium. “Altium Vault 2.5 is all about automating those data management tasks that pull designers away from the actual design process, and providing greater control and specificity in those domains that still rely on human precision and analysis.”

New Features in Altium Vault 2.5

The new features in Altium Vault build off an existing foundation of improved data management tools with an expansion of the ability to search, update, and organize design data in more efficient ways. Altium Vault 2.5 includes 14 new features, with the following highlights:

Component Management Improvements

  • Component Update Notifications. Engineers are automatically alerted inside of Altium Designer when footprints or symbols associated with components have been updated in the Altium Vault, and are provided with the option to sync all new changes.

Data Management Improvements

  • Lifecycle Change Approvals. Lifecycle changes can be controlled only by team members granted change permission rights, or through an approval-driven process where team members can submit lifecycle change requests to be approved by managers.

Infrastructure Management Improvements

  • NIS Deployment Packages. Deploying an NIS server for local installs of Altium Designer on client machines is now simplified with an automated installation package.

Project Management & Collaboration Improvements

  • Automated Project Notifications. Team members are notified of any changes made to projects with email notifications for updates to commits, state changes, project releases, and comments.
  • Binary File Storage. Users can store all documents and data for the project, not just data generated by Altium Designer, in the same central location in the Altium Vault.


Altium Vault 2.5 is available now for all existing Altium Vault Subscription customers, and users can update immediately with the installer on the Altium Product Downloads page.

Altium Vault comes in three editions for a variety of use cases: Component, Workgroup, and Enterprise Editions. Altium Vault can be purchased now through Altium sales offices and certified resellers.

Additional information on all the new features included in Altium Vault 2.5 can be found on the Altium Vault What’s New page.



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