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As I look back many years ago when I was growing up as a young boy, my father always stressed to me, “never stop learning, son.” He told me that I will never know it all and there will always be someone who knows more than me, so I should strive to learn something new every day.

For over 50 years now, I have lived my life doing just that. I have found that it is the little things learned each day that become necessary knowledge for my future.

Since I started doing PCB design layout years ago, technology and tools have changed dramatically, and often at a rate much faster than I can keep up with. But, this is the career path I have chosen, and knowledge is a key success factor.

Some may think that because I work for Mentor Graphics now, I know everything there is to know about the design software we sell, but that would be incorrect. I still learn new information and capabilities within the tools every day. Most of the time it is not from internal sources, but from my colleagues working in the trenches…new processes or even just a more effective way to use the design software. I take it all in like a sponge, because I love passing new knowledge onto others.

Although I learn a lot from friends in the field, I do rely on internal information to increase my skills and capabilities when using the design tools. The best way is through training, whether online, in a classroom, or even at a public forum event. I have found that Mentor Graphics training courses are a very effective way to learn the depth of the tools.

With the latest release of the Xpedition® design suite, it has become even more important to get up-to-date training on the newest features in the VX release. Early adopters of this release are already finding efficiency increases using the new capabilities within the tools.

I don’t want anyone to fall behind, as we all know that time-to-market is a key to our design success.

If you have not yet adopted the Xpedition VX release because you need more training, then below are two more methods of becoming familiar with the breadth and depth of the tools. We also have many videos features and training tips online.

To get started today, explore Mentor Graphics training services or sign up for a PCB Forum event in your area.

And from one designer to another, remember, “NEVER STOP LEARNING!”



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