Laminate Producer Shengyi Appoints New North American Sales Director

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Shengyi Technology Co. has appointed Michael Muck to the position of Sales Director North America, Shengyi Technology Overseas Company LTD. Mike is a veteran of the industry holding various positions with Norplex, Norplex Oak, AlliedSignal Laminate Systems and Isola. Most recently, Mike held the position of West Coast Sales Manager for Paramount Laminates, a distributor of Shengyi Technology.

As an industry veteran dealing with laminate and prepreg products, “Mike has valuable experience in dealing with technology, product promotion and customer service,” stated Jack Dong, Executive Director at Shengyi Technology. “He will devote himself to offering direct sales, service and technical support for the customers in North America as well as managing the distribution network with the current distributors Paramount and Photo Chemical Systems.” Mike will also cooperate with the marketing team at Shengyi Technology to offer advanced service and support for OEMs end users.

About Shengyi Technology

Shengyi Technology is the largest laminate producer in Mainland China. Holding an exclusive National Engineering Research Center of Electronic Circuits Base Material, and with a UL-authorized LTTA CTDP lab, Shengyi Technology has developed a range of new products to fulfill market demand, including high speed, RF and automotive products etc.


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